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Nature holds healing in the winds, her water, the trees, the very essence
of Earth. 

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Work in this series of abstract encaustic paintings is inspired by water, natural flowers, forests, and gardens. Abstract expressionist paintings made with 100% natural beeswax and oil paint in encaustic paint on a wood cradle frame. No extra framing is required, the painting is ready to hang as soon as you unpack it. These are also available as prints framed

with in maple or unframed.


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Prints, Originals, and Commission


Encaustic wax painting is a very old method of painting that has found new life recently in many artists palettes. I love the thought provoking way images evolve in the process of painting, the myriad possibilities of working with wax and creating unique images. Whether it is the experience or the place these pieces are reflections of nature and inner workings of our human nature.

Watercolor & Illustration

Watercolor is such a fluid expressive way to the simple form of an image. Allowing the brush to sense and capture the energy in the moment. These paintings have a whimsical storylike quality to them that I have really enjoyed creating them. The originals are

4 inches x 4 inches. Prints are available at a maximum of 8x8, but can be printed in any size needed. Explore more in the shop and inquire if you have an illustration need.


Swimming Upstream
encaustic on wood



Impressions and Reflections

Wooden Window

Art is an expression of impression and perception, an individual percieves, interprets and chooses to create coming from inner light and being. We are all connected on a deep soul level, what speaks to one through artisitic expression is that spark of light discovering another and opening windows to reflection.

Traditional Oil

Oils are a beautiful way to  capture the color of  light and mood in an image, whether landscape, portrait, or abstract impression. The rich history of the world recorded in evolving styles of expression has a deep connection in the method of oil painting. These paints are becoming more environmentally friendly and I seek to use water friendly oils.


Icelandic Chicks

oil on canvas

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Mixed Media brings a brilliance and openness to working to artistic vision. Watercolor, pan pastels, collage, even found items may appear. It is an exciting way to work.

Mixed Media



        mixed media

All pieces available as prints. Sales of originals are possible, please inquire.

Get in Touch for inquiries
about sales and commissions, teaching, or just to connect. I am always happy to engage in artful conversation :)

Suzy Johnson, artist;  Saint Paul, Minnesota


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